Advisor, Mentor, Advocate, Global Citizen


I am a Toronto native and long-suffering Maple Leafs fan. In between leaping off gorges in Zambia, swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos or backcountry camping, I have transformed myself over the years from an electronics technologist, to a health and wellness advocate in his 20 year career in the YMCA movement, to life as a entrepreneur opening Flow! Yoga Wellness Studio with his partner Heather. 


When not teaching yoga, I hang out at the Center for Social Innovation, where I coach and facilitate people through their personal transition by utilizing authentic leadership principles of self-awareness and values integration.


A life long learner, I hold a BA from York University, Toronto in Political Science and   earned his MA Environmental Leadership from Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado. Along with continuing education Certificates in Authentic Leadership from Naropa University, Community-Based Development from CSU, Fort Collins, Colorado, and a certified Yoga instructor.

Evolution, Revolution, Transformation

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